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Matt is the consummate salesman. In fact, he's been selling most his life. At 12, Matt was selling the Indianapolis Star door to door. Earning Matt a Scholarship for being in top 10 in sales. Matt is passionate about the needs and goals of his clients, and specializes in bringing peace and mind to home sellers who have previosly struggled with selling their homes on their own or with another agent. By making an industry leap to real estate from pharmaceutical sales, Matt found professional success at a high level, selling his first 6 million with in 9 months in the business and obtaning more than 9 times the sales of the average agent in his first year, which earned him him a top spot in the top 1% of all rookie agents. He has made a high level commitment to his real estate education, having been mentored and coached by several top producers in the industry. In his spare time, Matt enjoys hanging out with family and friend's, fishing, hikes in the woods looking for that next fishing spot, the sounds of great music and trying new foods in the city.

432 S. Emerson Ave., Suite 120

Greenwood, IN 46143